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Glass painting attempt No.2

I adore spending the afternoon having a good old rummage around all the charity shops we here in Exeter are blessed to be surrounded by, I always seem to find something interesting and useful. Whilst on my latest hunt I had glass painting in mind, so was looking for various pieces of glass-ware that I could ruin practice on. I picked up a couple of lovely things, one being a rather huge circular vase. “Perfect”, I thought for my next project. So when I arrived home I picked up my outliner and got to work:

I apologise for the photo, as you may expect it was rather difficult to get a reasonable photo of a transparent object with little black lines on but you can kind of see the design I went with. A simple mosaic that will eventually be wonderfully multicoloured. I did not think this through enough though. Due to that fact that the vase is round, I can only colour one square at a time in order to prevent the paint from running. It has to completely dry before I can move on to the next. So, this may take a while to complete! Here’s what I’ve managed to do so far:

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