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Film Night Update pt.5


It’s been quite a while now since I last posted a Film Night Update and I am afraid to say that The Other Half and I have been slacking slightly with keeping up this routine over the past couple of weeks. We’ve mostly been watching films that were shown on TV instead of going out and searching for great dvds to bring home. I am slightly disappointed with us for letting this happen but we have both now vouched to rectify the situation and starting from tomorrow we are back on the hunt for absolute greats instead of settling for anything that happens to be on.

I do not intend to write as comprehensively as I normally do about these 11 films, because let’s face it, that would be somewhat of a tedious post to read and I don’t like overly long posts anyway. I never read to the end of them so would never expect anyone else to get to the end of one of my own! So here goes, nice and simple –

Witness – The Other Half and I were divided on this one. I gave up after half an hour but he stuck it out and said that even though the storyline was simple and a bit stretched out, he enjoyed it.
Eraserhead – Obviously, this was not a film that we watched simply because it was on TV! We were both in a bit of a David Lynch mood and so rented it from the library. I was quite freaked out and it has to be one of the most visually disturbing films I’ve ever seen. Not as impenetrable as I thought it would be but not sure I’d ever watch it again.
Men In Black – The Other Half and I both saw this as kids when it was first released but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch it again when it was shown on TV on a Sunday evening. It’s a classic. Need I say more?
Alien – Another classic “must see” film. I had already seen it but The Other Half hadn’t. He thoroughly enjoyed it and was looking forward to watching part 2 of the installment…and would you have guessed what was on the next night…
Aliens – That’s right, the sequel. Sadly we didn’t manage to get all the way through this one. It was far too long and we got a bit bored. It was more like an army film than the sci-fi alien adventure we were hoping for.
The Bucket List – Jack Nicholson’s performance is absolutely outstanding in this film but sadly, apart from that I thought it was poor. They could have done so much more with the storyline and there were lots of continuity errors too!
Interview With A Vampire – I don’t know why we watched this and I cannot believe we made it all the way through to the end. It really was awful. Tom Cruise’s inability to speak with his false teeth in was also infuriating.
Men In Black 2 – This was shown the weekend after the airing of the first film and neither The Other Half nor I had seen it so thought it would be worth a go. Obviously it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first one but entertaining nonetheless.
The Baader Meinhof Complex – I didn’t really enjoy this film. Hating the central characters made it very hard to watch. It was a well made film in terms of photography and aesthetics though. I think that is all that made it bearable.
The Transporter – Jason Statham should never ever try to do an accent. He didn’t get away with it at all but even that wasn’t the most hilarious thing about this so-called action-thriller. It contains the most ridiculous car explosion I have ever seen. I tried to find a clip of it so you could all have a giggle but sadly I cannot find one. That moment alone though is worth watching the film for; simply hilarious.
Single White Female – This was one of those brilliant “painful to watch” films. One where you shout things like “she’s crazy, are you blind?!” at the TV and are dreading something bad happening every time someone goes snooping. Why do people always snoop? It never ends well in these situations. I’m glad that this update ends with this film, I think it is a definite sign that the Film Night Routine is getting back on track.

2 comments on “Film Night Update pt.5

  1. 36x37
    October 6, 2010

    I’ve been a David Lynch fan since his Twin Peaks days (what a show!) but I’ve never seen Eraserhead either. I chuckled at your assessment. Lynch is one disturbing dude.

    • sylviangirl
      October 7, 2010

      I love David Lynch and am obsessed with Twin Peaks! I love all of his other films but Eraserhead was freaky and weird even for him!

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