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Chorizo Pancakes

I know that the main pancake party happened a couple of weeks ago, and perhaps it would have been more fitting to write this post then, but unfortunately I simply didn’t think of this idea until yesterday.

I am not a fan of sweet pancakes, so normally the thought of making pancakes is not on my radar as I wrongly believed they were the only variety. And oh how wrong I was. Leave the sugar out of your pancake batter, add a little seasoning and you have a wonderful base for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner to which you could add almost anything you want (or have left in the fridge).

I had chorizo in my fridge. I love chorizo, so what better ingredient to use for my very first batch of pancakes.

The recipe for the batter I used is simplicity itself – 1 cup self-raising flour, 1 egg, 1 cup milk, pinch of salt. Thank you to ediblesubstance for providing it.

The resulting pancakes were delicious. I made a couple of plain ones first to test the heat of the pan and The Other Half happily ate those up. Adding the chorizo made them a real winner, although next time I’ll probably pack each pancake full of slices instead of going sparingly.

Overall though, a great little lunch.
(Apologies for the poor pictures, I was rushing to take them so I could still eat the pancakes whilst they were hot!)

2 comments on “Chorizo Pancakes

  1. sarahsfoodieblog
    March 10, 2012

    Love chorizo – these are definately one to try!

    • throughthemagicdoor
      March 10, 2012

      If you like pancakes, and you like chorizo, you cannot go wrong with these! :)

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